Am I trying to live life’s journey good

“Am I trying to live life’s journey good
as people all around you”

I am listening to my album 4×4 (LP). Some of these songs date back almost 10 years. It is amazing how far life can fly by. Reflections of journeys and memories of the past, captured in these songs. I am not expecting anyone to feel the nostalgia of my music, since for the most part of my catalogue, these track have played thousands of time in my own headphones and have not ventured far from there.

As I get older, the more I love my older music. Our youth is lost in time, off in another dimension. These tracks make me into a time traveller. Smells, visions, memories of you, memories of those past, transported to the breeze of a cool autumn day flowing off of Crane Lake years ago….

My music allows visitation rights to my young self, I like that guy, he is nice to hang around with, and I do miss him.

I am really happy I made music, recorded it, and preserved it.

vasyL ko